Do you see your clients as sources of income, or do you see them as actual human beings with likes, preferences, quirks, and stories? People want to do business with individuals they like — and they like people who like them. Consciously putting your own best interests in second place goes against the grain of human nature, but you will find that when you focus on how best to serve clients, tough decisions make themselves. Next read this post on how to measure customer satisfaction. «The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.» «There’s a certain way of creating a service, hospitality, and experience that perpetuates people feeling like they matter.» Shopify has always encouraged its employees to launch stores as side hustles.

  • If the request is questionable, or you do not see the connection to the long-term strategic initiative, talk about your concerns or reservations with your client.
  • Zev Herman is an entrepreneur focused on growing wholesale light bulb and lighting business for Superior Lighting.
  • By using and loving your product and service, you are able to better understand a customer’s needs and help the customer on a whole new level.
  • If you don’t reply within the first 5-minutes of them contacting you in a competitive industry, you’ll be lucky if you’re the first business to answer their inquiry.
  • Train your staff on ideal project expectations and make sure to include quality and timeliness in your customer service goals, so everyone knows how important it is to the company.

While it’s unclear whether this quote was originally said by her or adapted from Carl W. Buehner, the point still remains pertinent to customer service teams. If you deliver a delightful service experience, customers will remember it and seek out your brand in the future.

Clients Are Your First Priority

Generally, it’s also easy to justify these things to yourself (She’ll never know, and it’ll save me hours of work, for example). But when it comes to putting clients first, these «little» lies are just as bad as the whoppers. Yes, honesty can be tough in the moment, but in the long run you’ll gain a reputation for trustworthiness that will change your life. When you’re growing a small business, you can’t afford to disappoint customers or even offer them a good-enough experience.

clients are our top priority

In order to truly satisfy your customers, you can’t make mere assumptions about what they want. The only way to build products and services that they’ll actually purchase is by paying attention to their actions and listening to their praises and complaints. Mold your company around your customers, rather than forcing customers to adapt to you. According to this quote from Steve Jobs, the best form of customer satisfaction is exceeding expectations that customers didn’t even know they had.

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If you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. Putting your customers’ interests ahead of your own — every time — will seem counterintuitive, risky and sometimes even frightening, especially at first. Eventually, though, keeping your commitment to «Clients First» will start to feel natural. And by that point, the benefits, rewards, satisfaction and success will be rolling in — and you’ll be proud of the person and professional you’ve become. If you’re not familiar with Warren Buffett, he’s one of the world’s most successful and influential businessmen. He’s the outspoken CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and is reportedly worth over $80 billion. This quote from 2003 demonstrates one of the reasons why Buffett has been so successful over the years.

I give small tokens of appreciation like this to clients after they make large purchases from us or if they have purchased consistently from us for an extended period of time. To track our customers, uss express working time we use a custom integration between Google Analytics User Report and a custom dashboard built by programmers. On Volusion, I can see who buys from us, what they buy and how often.

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